July 25, 2007 at 8:54 pm Leave a comment

Sprint, the US cell network provider thingimy 0987jkasbfs have sent me a lovely comment.

sprint ringtones | | | IP:

Hello good design. Very nice. 0n79p7 Enjoy. Goodbay.

I can see some of you are confused. That’s because you have an understanding of basic grammar. Let me clear this up for you:

Hello Phill, I like the design of the site (not mine, but never mind I’ll take the credit). It’s very nice. Enjoy your day. Goodbye.

Obviously the 0n79p7 part is simply because he’s typing with his over developed brow.

I’m looking forward though to downloading those ringtones and playing them at chavs on public transport until their ears f**king bleed (this may be a purely english phenon… phenomnm… pehenoneme…


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