Argumentative Spam?

July 25, 2007 at 9:08 pm Leave a comment

You know some of the more inventive spammers are sitting there writing their programs to post spam and are trying to come up with ingenious ways to make their output seem more human.

Some clever (read stupid) “spam king” has decided that perhaps he should make his comments argue with the thread they’re posted on… but of course whatever they argue about will need to be a pretty general subject or they may be off-topic.

Witness the results of a spam level programmer’s eureka moment:

Black | | IP:


Let me disagree.

He’s disagreeing with black?

With black?


Black | | IP:


In few years we will see a result

He has a lot of opinions on black doesn’t he? What I can’t work out is what the hell he’s even spamming for? Those urls look like they’re just made up to me. Surely the point of spamming is to advertise something?!

I’m sorry but you won’t see a result in even a few years if you keep f**king arguing and not putting links to a product in your spam.

I disagree.


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