Argumentative Spam?

You know some of the more inventive spammers are sitting there writing their programs to post spam and are trying to come up with ingenious ways to make their output seem more human.

Read on for their glorious achievement.


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Sprint, the US cell network provider thingimy 0987jkasbfs have sent me a lovely comment.

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A Fan!

We have our first fan, woohoo! Diaper_man writes to us from the States with some constructive criticism.

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I Bought A New Wig Today

Thanks to Hannahmwig for this excellent contribution, as full of information as it is a window into the advancing field of horsehair prosthetics.

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I Bought A New Wig Today

Anyone who has a wordpress blog will know that you receive unprecedented amounts of spam comments.

We're all used to getting spam email as well, but it's about time we communicated with these people. Obviously they all have problems too, maybe if we just answered them they'd be able to cope?

How would you like to have millions of your emails ignored! We're here to respond where nobody else will to end their suffering.

You can check out my tech and search blog at this location which is where most of the spam is found.

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